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Diagnosis Counseling and treatment of learning disabilities

According to the approach of Dr. Gad Douer                                        

Child at Psychologist

Dr. Gad Douer has developed very unique treatment methods for reading, writing, language, reading comprehension and Gemara, and his treatment leads to quick results and is very effective in treating children who have difficulty. You are invited to visit the site and enrich your knowledge on topics related to this wide field: the emotional world of the learner, motivation, coping, attention and concentration, reading, language and thinking skills.



When you are very tired, it is difficult to deal with complex problems. When you are in a hurry you feel impatient and when you are in a very noisy place, it is difficult to focus on deep thought. This is not a primary difficulty, but rather a circumstantial difficulty that does not enable the operation of existing mechanisms.

In addition, a child who suffers from attention difficulties and is in a passive state without any special points of interest and challenge feels a drop of energy, impatience, an urge to act and excessive distraction, making it difficult for him to concentrate on the teacher's words and to prepare effectively for solving educational problems. The site will try to explain the phenomenon and the principles for effective treatment.

learning disabilities

The main learning disabilities are reading, writing, and math. The prevalence rates of learning disabilities depend on settings ranging from 4% to 10%. The degree of severity of the disability may be mild to severe. The larger the disability, the greater the likelihood that the disability will remain in spite of the professional help. Usually in case of severe difficulty the treatment can only reduce the problem but not solve it. The site will try to explain the phenomenon and the principles for effective treatment.


Learning anxieties

When a man has a gun attached to his head, it is hard for him to do complex intellectual activities. Some students feel intimidated in different learning situations. Some of them fear that they will be asked during class, and when asked, they are speechless and unable to answer. Some of them forget, at a test, everything they have learned and are unable to answer.
Because the student's ability is measured by his achievements, these students may be perceived as weak students, while in fact their knowledge may be high and their abilities are high, but they have difficulty implementing the existing ones.

Books for practice and study

In the bookstore you can purchase books for the treatment of reading difficulties by Dr. Gad Douer, which are intended to provide visual vocabulary and reading fluency, and include varied word lists, many stories accompanied by various tasks, and are intended for any parent or teacher interested in helping the child. Progress in reading, and practice in books brings about a significant improvement in reading.




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